• Bumblebee-the-transformers-36912272-741-1078
    Jesus is a Transformer
    Posted in: Children, Parenting

    My kids are going to be so tired of hearing the gospel by the time they reach High School. I can vividly imagine the rolling of the eyes and hear the deep sighs they will let out. I kinda feel bad for like a minute, and then I don’t. I love the gospel story. I love […]

  • robin-williams7878
    Raw emotion on suicide…
    Posted in: Grief and Loss, Health

    Suicide….It seems like that is all that fills our Facebook feeds right now in the wake of such a legend such as Robin Williams taking his own life. I have read a lot of blogs of people speaking out, which made me think this post wasn’t necessary. And then I realized, this isn’t for the […]

  • blessing
    Nothing but a Blessing
    Posted in: Children

    Renee’ and I have had the amazing privilege of doing premarital counseling with several young couples over the past few years. It is one of our favorite things to do. We absolutely love marriage, and love talking about it. In a world filled with stories of broken marriages and homes, it gives us great joy […]

  • 040
    The Bergmens
    Posted in: Adoption Stories

    Our adoption story is a fast, crazy exciting one. Not without drama, however, full of redemption and love.  CJ and I talked about adoption for years before ever starting the process.  We knew we wanted to adopt someday, but didn’t know how or when…never could we have guessed what the story of our family would […]

  • …father’s day…
    Posted in: Grief and Loss

    I am grateful for things that occur that are built in that remind me to continue to feel, like today.  I don’t know what it is or why or if it’s a guy thing or if I am weird, but I have the ability to either turn off my emotion or simply forget to feel […]

  • …days…
    Posted in: Grief and Loss

    one day after the next…that’s about all there is to speak of. We moved last week to our new home in Chandler, and began our new journey with Mission community church. We were warmly embraced, and have been so deeply encouraged every second we have been there. What an amazing hedge of protection God has […]

  • …much to say…
    Posted in: Grief and Loss

    Hello friends. Sorry for the stretch of silence. It has been a busy season. If you have not yet heard, God has called Renee’ and I to leave Highlands Church and go to a church called “Mission Community Church” in Gilbert, AZ (www.mission68.org). This decision has been accompanied by much prayer and seeking counsel. It […]

  • …what amazing moms do…
    Posted in: Grief and Loss

    All of the reasons why Renee’ was, is, and continues to be, an amazing mom. Though by creation pretty free-spirited in nature, which lends itself toward being unorganized and even sometimes irresponsible =], Renee’ has been so attentive to every detail from the beginning of Titus’ existence, and continues to pay attention to every detail […]

  • …late night tears…
    Posted in: Grief and Loss

    Haven’t felt like writing. Laying in bed as Renee’ falls asleep and just start thinking about my boy. I miss him. I want to touch him, and talk to him. I want to teach him how to have courage, how to lead, how to love every heart in the room, how to listen, how to […]

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