Mike and Jesi

I had such an honor walking with this family to the addition of their little guy back in December.  Read about their story in their own words.  It was just a whirlwind of ups and downs only to lead to their son….the perfect little boy that God already knew would be in their family.  Sometimes the bumpy road feels overwhelming and like we might just crack from the hardship of it….and then it leads us to the perfect ending we could not have written ourselves.  Here is what Jesi had to say about their experience:


Mike and I got married in 2010, he has two beautiful girls.  I LOVE these girls as my own but I knew God had even more for our family.  Adoption always pulled on my heart strings, I always felt called to adopt but never thought It could be reality.  But five years into our marriage Mike and I decided to start the journey. Honestly this journey was the hardest thing we (mostly I) went through. We started with CAC in April of 2015, We were home study approved by June and ready to bring our little guy home, but God had a slightly different plan then we had. While we were waiting for our home study paperwork we received a call from Renee saying they have a baby that needs a home right now, but because we didn’t have our paperwork in our hands we couldn’t move forward. I was sad but I also had so much hope because we were going to have a baby any day. We applied to multiple agency’s and we started receiving situations pretty quickly, and started saying YES, but we kept hearing no’s. After 7 NO’S, we received a call of a mother in New Orleans who has a 6 week old and needs to place it up for adoption and she wants us!

They told us to pack our bags you will need to be here the moment the birth father signs the paper work and they should have it signed by tomorrow, but God had a different plan. A couple days went by and they told us the bf won’t sign because he didn’t think he was the father. So it fell through, we were devastated. We were right there but yet so far away. Hurt and broken we started looking at other situations and started to say yes again, but all we got back were no’s with “you were there second choice but they decided on the other family”.

We were approaching Christmas time and I was losing hope, thinking maybe we weren’t called to adopt, maybe this was a path that God wanted to teach us something, like growing stronger with him and through our marriage but no baby.  But God did teach us a lot through the process and had his perfect timing. On December 14 we received the situation, I skimmed through it and thought nah this isn’t the one, due December 22 in Salt Lake City, like we can leave at the busiest time of the year and leave our family to go get a baby.  So later that evening after eating dinner with our family, I said “oh yeah I forgot to tell you we got a situation but it’s no good”. Mike read it and said I think we should say yes, and I said no way! That’s crazy it is so busy but he said we have to trust God he has a plan. So I rolled my eyes and under my breath said “like she is gonna pick us anyway”. Then on Wednesday the 16 they called at 2 In the morning to let us know she picked us and they thought she was going into labor and we need to get there now, but it was false.  So Mike and I had four days to throw our ducks in a row and then hit the road( 9 1/2hours) to go meet her for dinner at the Olive Garden. Dinner went amazing, she is a wonderful caring loving bm, and she decided we were the right choice. She was induced on December 22 at 6 am this was her 4th baby so they felt things would move quickly. But maverick wasn’t fully cooked, he came out at 3:40 pm. They noticed right away that he looked pretty early (4 weeks) and he wasn’t breathing correctly. Within minutes they had him admitted into the nicu, because his lungs were not developed. 9 very long and stressful days later we were able to bring him home, so we packed our bags and drove home.  He is the biggest blessing, we are so thankful for his amazing birth mom and for God trusting us to care for this little man.  OUR FAMILY IS COMPLETE! God had the prefect plan and the prefect baby picked just for us. I look back and think it was so hard, heart wrenching, tear jerking toughest journey, but we received the most amazing gift ever! God is Good, and there is no possible way we could have made it though with out him.






Is he not so adorable.  If you are interested in walking this journey contact me:

renee@christianadoptionconsultants.com 415 539 5282

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