So over the last 6-7 years we have truly transformed our eating and frankly our whole house in regards to health! When Keane was born and had so many health issues, it put my research minded brain into full effect (I knew my biology degree from a private university would be used in some way, right?!). After seeing a lot of holes in just medicine alone for our boy (even though I do really love medicine in many instances), it lead me toward a more naturopathic approach which is where we found so much help and relief for our boy. Not only did it begin to change his little body it changed our bodies too!! I just thought I would put some of it down because so often I have had people ask about all different subjects. Here are some of the things that have truly transformed our whole family. Here they are in order of what has been most important to us! Everyone has their own opinion so this is just what we have done!

Some may say I am crunchy, call it whatever, but it has changed our bodies for the better!!!

We began addressing our immune systems first! Our naturopath Dr. Barret first had us begin using Juice Plus vitamins. We started with just Keane, but then I started them and now we all use them. Seriously we have taken a lot of different whole food vitamins and nothing has compared to these. Although it is an investment I have come to a place that they are so necessary for our family!!! You can look at them here:  Juice Plus

Since using them, I have more regular digestive system which is huge because I have fought that for a long time. They have helped heal Keane’s leaky gut in conjunction with other things for him. And lets be honest I am not always great at eating a TON of vegetables and a variety of fruit so these have really filled in that gap!!

Next we changed our food selections. I slowly began to only buy organic products. Now I see the incredible necessity for it. Especially meats. As we started figuring out what fueled Keane’s stomach issues, meat was the one of the things that made him either in complete pain, or full blown rash. Now we only eat grassfed beef which we buy at Trader Joes for a great price. I will buy Costco’s Organic beef ground beef because after reading about it, it is grass fed, grain finished. So the cows eat grass the entirety of their life until the last few weeks when they feed on grain to fatten a little before slaughter. All the grain is organic. This isn’t my first preference, but in the grand scheme of it all this is WAYYYY better than ever consuming beef that is not organic or grass fed. We only buy organic chicken. I try to buy an organic whole chicken a week and cook it and then use its bones to make bone broth!!! One of the most nutritious liquids you can consume. Put all the bones and caracas from your chicken in a pot with water over it, 1 tbsp of Apple Cidar Vinegar and let it cook for a whole day. You can drink it straight if you are sick (add a little salt for flavor) or make soups with it. I also cook rice with it. Keane likes it straight all day long. It is great for a leaky gut!!!

We started following a simple principle. I do buy pre made stuff, but I follow a 5 ingredient (appx) rule. If I buy bread I try to make it only have 5-6 ingredients and no white flour. Same with tortillas. I use only sprouted wheat when I can. Dave’s killer bread is my fav sprouted bread. As for canned goods, I stay with organic only. I look out for any corn in products and if possible I stick with non GMO brands. Kettle Brand Chips are a great treat. If there is any food dye in a product, it does not go on our shelves!!! Food dye causes chaos on Keane’s system for sure, but I know is terrible for ours as well. (Don’t get me wrong…I do indulge in peanut butter m&m’s from time to time, and sour patch kids watermelon candy-they get me every time!)
We still buy ice cream and yummy marshmallows. But I buy organic ice-cream with very few ingredients and marshmallows that do not have blue dye in them!!! (yes most have dye in them) They are called Dandies.

Keane eats Gluten free and I read ALLLLLL labels. Gluten free is a fad and a lot of it is full of crap. But if you truly need to be gluten free follow the 5 ingredient rule or make sure it is organic. I only let him eat Canyon Bakehouse bread. All the other stuff is just full of crap that is just as bad as the wheat!!! If you go the corn route in being gluten free, make sure it is non GMO corn based. The way to do that is to only buy organic corn products!!! Corn is just as hard on your system as wheat often times and conventional corn is TERRIBLE for you!

I am sure you have had PLENTY of people flood your Facebook with their oil obsessions. I have used three brands that are high quality and that I like: Native American Nutritionals They are my favorite for the quality and the price!
Young Living (I am sure you have a friend who sells it) and
THey are high quality and really cheap but don’t sell blends, so it is where I get my bulk oils that I use all the time, like Lavender, or Oil of Oregano and Cedarwood.  Florihana
Here are my favorite Oils to use and why:
Lavender: cuts, burns(I burned horribly with hot oil and poured it on and immediately released the pain), sleep, and yeast in August’s diaper
Oil of Oregano: I have killed strep throat by gargling it 3xs a day, We use it on our feet and in a humidifier for bad coughs, We also use it on any fungal infection
Cedarwood: I love this stuff for sleep. I diffuse it every night for sleep in my room
Copiaba: I use this for anxiety. I rub it on my feet and chest when I feel like a panic attack is coming on, and I am now using it every night on my chest to just be preventative
Immune Strength(thieves): I get this from Native American Nutritionals for fighting off colds and germs. We use it all the time if we get a tickle in our throat or someone in the house is sick!
There are plenty more you can look up but this is my main ones that get used in our household!

If you have any intolerance to dairy, try raw…I know people freak about its safety but seriously there are a ton of places now that are super duper clean and hygienic that sell it. I buy it from Rainbow grocery here in SF.

I use baking soda and vinegar to clean just about most of our house. I do use bleach when we have had puke or poop explosions on things you don’t want puke and poop on!!! I like method counter spray for the kitchen. It smells good and gets grease off and is pretty natural. I use their dish soap and dishwasher detergent as well. I have tried home made and it sucks….

I wash my hair with baking soda! I have posted plenty of pics on instagram of how well my hair has done since switching. I take about a 1/2 cup in the shower and focus on my roots just like I would shampoo and then follow with a 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and water in a cup that I dump over for conditioner. It takes about a month for you to have your hair adjust because it has to balance back out after using stuff with waxes and other chemicals in shampoos and conditioners. CJ and August use it too. Keane can’t with his curl so we use kinky curly shampoo for him.

I wash my face in the shower with goat milk soap and baking soda for exfoliation. Then at night to remove all make up I smear coconut oil everywhere and wipe with a rag. I have NEVER had better skin since doing this. Acne has cleared, I am never oily anymore, because actually being oily means you are actually dry!!!! It is your skin trying to over compensate from being dry. If I need moisture in the am after a shower I only use coconut oil. I use Tarte 
I love their make up. It is the first natural make up that actually looks good. Their cheek stain is the BEST!!!! I also love their under eye cream. It has completely helped my dark circles and does not have any bad junk in it(super technical I know)!!

Last but not least natural deodorant. Ok lets talk pits….mine are flat out stinky stinky stinky. I am very sweaty and just always have sweaty pits. And there is nothing grosser to me than standing next to someone who just smells like BO!!! So I really hate to be that person, needless to say I have tried quite a few that I hated and finally found one that works great!!! It is called
I love it. And no one is smelling my nasty pits with it!! Funk Butter

Ok that is some of our health tweaks we have made over the years. There is more, but I don’t want to bore you. I can share on allergy treatment stuff we have done in another post!

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  1. Donna J Boschma

    Totally agree with all you wrote today. I do all of these things as well–wish I had known before about all of this……but since I found out i was gluten and dairy intolerant, my family and I are living 100 percent differently!! Thanks for posting .

  2. Emily

    Great info, Renee! I’ve been doing baking soda and vinegar for house and hair for about 5 or 6 months, and love it. I’ve been looking for a good deodorant so I’ll try this one!

    Also looking into essential oils more seriously now.

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