Adoption Update…

I have been super hesitant to share where our adoption is at in hopes circumstances would change faster than they have.  We have officially put an adoption on hold and do not know when we will be back on track.  Keane had two emergency surgeries back in November and due to some really unfortunately circumstances it was done out of network….we literally have been fighting for 6 months with two insurance companies and the hospital with little to no avail.  We are in a really big catch 22 that for me to go into details would bore the freaking heck out of you.  Bottom line we cannot get home study approved because we have over 100,000 in medical debt and the agency has said that is just too much to consider us financially stable.  We completely agree and hate that it is what it is, however, Keane is alive and for that I would take all the debt in the world!!!! We don’t think we will have to pay all of it and we continue to fight and pray for some resolution.  In the mean time our home study agency has been AMAZING and refunded us all our money.  We will be saving it in a savings account knowing “someday” we will adopt again.  So thank you to all of you who gave the money to even do a home study.  I am super grateful we didn’t loose all that money due to the circumstances.  We just continue to pray the Lord would open my womb….and open doors for more babies to be adopted into our home.

Thanks for always loving and supporting us.  We are so grateful for the community of people who have loved and carried us through growing our household!!

For the time being we savor and celebrate the babies we do have in our home and soak in each day with them! How could we not when they are this stinking cute!!!


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