About Renee’

Renee’ works as a Christian Adoption Consultant with CAC. Renee and her husband CJ are church planters in San Francisco.  CJ and Renee were blessed to have Christian Adoption Consultants help in bringing their oldest son home through adoption 5 years ago. They also have one biological daughter.  Renee has a degree in Theology and a heart for families to have a biblical understanding of adoption.  Renee’ now works for Christian Adoption Consultants. CJ and Renee have a huge burden to see their city transformed by the gospel and their church to have a heartbeat for adoption.   Renee loves helping families walk through the many questions of starting and growing a family by adoption through compassionate education and personal experience. Together, CJ and Renee’ hope to help churches in San Francisco and across the world grow in their understanding of and promotion of adoption.

Renee’ and C.J. are continuing to pursue more children through their own adoption processes while helping others to do so. This site is intended to provide a wide array of helpful information to those who have suffered loss, have a difficult health journey with one of their kids, or want to learn more about how to parent their kids.

We hope it is a blessing and helpful to you! Please feel free to comment as we are always looking for feedback and seeking to know what kinds of information people are looking for.

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