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    Jeremy and Nicole
    Posted in: Adoption Stories, Children

    Jeremy and my hubs met at a church planting gathering a while back.  Of corse adoption came up and a few months later after really hard loss they called saying they were ready to adopt domestically.  It was a few months of talking back and forth, as they were so faithful to fully grieving their […]

  • Mike and Jesi
    Posted in: Adoption Stories

    I had such an honor walking with this family to the addition of their little guy back in December.  Read about their story in their own words.  It was just a whirlwind of ups and downs only to lead to their son….the perfect little boy that God already knew would be in their family.  Sometimes […]

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    Mothers Day
    Posted in: Children, Grief and Loss

    Mothers day is coming. And you know what…. it will look like most days. My kids will whine about not liking the purple yogurt but only wanting the red.   They will fight over who gets to hide next in hide and go seek.   I will probably clean up poop off the floor because […]

  • 2
    Adoption Update…
    Posted in: Adoption Stories, Children

    I have been super hesitant to share where our adoption is at in hopes circumstances would change faster than they have.  We have officially put an adoption on hold and do not know when we will be back on track.  Keane had two emergency surgeries back in November and due to some really unfortunately circumstances […]

  • IMG_7425
    Why consider using Christian Adoption Consultants (hint – a discount offer!!!)
    Posted in: Adoption Stories

    Last month, Christian Adoption Consultants had 33 families grow through adoptions. 20 of our families were matched with a brave and courageous expectant mother and 13 babies were born into their adoptive families. That’s over a baby a day! Over the last nine years, hundreds of families have chosen Christian Adoption Consultants to help them on their journey to adopt. Our passionate and […]

  • IMG_7422
    Congratulations Eric and Tammy on your Adoption
    Posted in: Adoption Stories, Grief and Loss

    Eric and Tammy came on board with Christian Adoption Consultants in September 2014 and were home study approved by the end of October 2014.  They began presenting their profile to expectant moms with such expectancy…and in the midst of the situations they were receiving from CAC, God brought along their birth mom through other means. […]

  • cropped-IMG_3862.jpg
    Posted in: Health

    So over the last 6-7 years we have truly transformed our eating and frankly our whole house in regards to health! When Keane was born and had so many health issues, it put my research minded brain into full effect (I knew my biology degree from a private university would be used in some way, […]

  • pinwheel
    Don’t forget to breathe….
    Posted in: Adoption Stories

    Many of you may be my friends on Facebook and have seen some of my updates about a dear friend who’s precious son passed away three weeks ago at the so young age of three.  He had down syndrome and so many medical challenges.  One of which was having a trach most of his life. […]

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